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Dating with A Destination


Dating with a Destination is a book that teaches how to approach dating in today’s setting. How to make better choices armed with a little more insight then what you may have been taught, shown, or picked up from other people in life. The dating game is no longer like when your mother and father dated it’s very different. In order to have the love you not only desire but deserve, you must start with you! Ladies remember when you know better then you can choose better. When you are ready to know how to choose a man from a male as well as deal with these men today. I will say that this book is for you.


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Omar Bogan is a Teacher, Motivator, Leader, Coach, and is recognized as an effective Empowerment Speaker. Over the last decade, he has dramatically transformed numerous lives for the better through the influence of his speeches and presentations relating to almost every aspect of life.

Omar Bogan has gained attention as a dynamic speaker on Personal Growth, advancing to host his own seminars on the subjects of Personal Growth, Leadership, Marriage and Relationships.